Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And a Good Time Was Had by All!!

We really enjoyed the time spent with Mom, Dean, Gay, and Kathy in June at the campground. I think we should make it a yearly thing. Of course there was a little food consumed along with some Dutch oven cooking!

I believe there was some cherry pie in that other Dutch oven. The next night we made rhubarb cream pie which was also yummy!

All of the kids came out to visit one night or the other.

One day Mom, Gay, and I did some quilt shop hopping. Some fabric may have come home with us!

Bud worked while Kathy and Dean drove around aimlessly.

The next day Kathy joined us for some more quilt shop hopping. We're going to turn her into a quilter yet! Some more fabric came home with us, although I donated the majority of my money to the state of Iowa at the request of the Iowa State Patrol. (B@@&ch!). Bud and Dean visited sporting goods stores. A few guns may have come home with one of them!

We sorted through family photos and reminisced. And we visited with a cousin that Dean met for the first time in his adult life.

The weather was a little wet, and the lake was closed to boating because of flooding. Next year we'll golf and boat if the weather cooperates!

Join us???

Will you join us?
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  1. Love being around family! I had a great time. Thanks for traveling so far Dean and Gay.

  2. It was fun to come out and enjoy time with family. Maybe next year we can come out for longer. The food was great too!!